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Redefine home field advantage

When we designed the FieldTurf DoublePlay series, our goal was simple: design an artificial turf baseball system that replicates the best ballparks in America. But like every road to greatness, creating the perfect surface took time and patience.

We started by testing and analyzing some of the nation’s elite clay, grass and turf facilities to study ball-surface interaction, speed and consistency. Then we designed our new series to emulate the best results.

Our journey rewrote the book on testing and product development. Meet our new baseball line:


Our journey had us push the boundaries of testing and product innovation like never before. We used a scientific approach to analyze ball-surface interaction on a variety of systems. Through the use of advanced high-tech motion video cameras, we were able to translate what we found into real-life data. Never before has there been a way to build your FieldTurf baseball field with such precision.

Using our three critical performance criteria - SPEED, LINE & BOUNCE – You can build your field to play fast or to play like a natural surface.


Speed is a total average of the ball speed-in and ball speed-out at the bounce points. Measured in feet per second.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT? The SPEED score allows you to select a system that either plays fast or plays like a natural surface.


Line is a total average of the ball bounce straightness variation. Measured in degrees.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT? The LINE score indicates if the hop plays true.


Bounce height is a total average of the max height obtained at the bounce points. Measured in feet..

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT? The BOUNCE score indicates if the ball plays like a natural surface.

How does DoublePlay Speed Compare? See the Data

How does DoublePlay Natural Compare? See the Data


High-use areas are a challenge for any turf system, and baseball fields are no exception. Cleats dig deep into the turf, right down to backing layers, often puncturing right through them. The damaged areas must then be replaced.

What’s the solution? Meet ToughBack, a unique layer applied to the system backing, resulting in a super tough layer once hardened.


Our Velcro system offers a quick and simple solution to replacing your batter and umpire areas. We equip you with the spare pieces upfront, allowing your team to exchange when needed.

The FTVelcro system is also equipped with ToughBack.

Featured Installations

The University of Southern Mississippi

  • Location: Hattiesburg, MS
  • Team: Golden Eagles
  • Surface: FieldTurf DoublePlay
  • Installed in: 2020

University of Tennessee

  • Location: Knoxville, TN
  • Team: Vols
  • Sports: Baseball
  • Surface: FieldTurf DoublePlay
  • Installed in: 2019

James Madison University

  • Location: Harrisonburg, VA
  • Team: Dukes
  • Surface: FieldTurf DoublePlay
  • Installed in: 2019
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