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FieldTurf’s tennis and padel range has been specifically designed to provide a wide range of systems which have proven to be effective and reliable solutions around the world. Using fibers developed from the best polymers available in the industry, our products are the key to hard-wearing and durable surfaces, while requiring a low level of maintenance and providing long-term performance on the most played areas of each field.

Thousands of players of all levels have been able to enjoy our surfaces as we have installed over 1,000,000m² of tennis and padel all over the world. Some of our products were also tested to fire by independent laboratories and proved to be safe solutions for indoor use.

The FieldTurf R&D department has built up strong relationships with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to manufacture even more innovative products whilst at the same time certifying and improving our current range.

The result is that our systems respect the most stringent criteria related to tennis and padel performance and comfort for players: ball rebound, surface uniformity, coefficient of restitution, coefficient of friction, wear resistance and ball speed.

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  • Ball rebound and speed
  • Surface uniformity
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Coefficient of restitution
  • Wear resistance
FieldTurf has provided top class tennis and padel solutions.
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Padel Sweden

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