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Sports/Indoor Facility

From game day to practice, indoor fields are always ready

Don’t let Mother Nature derail your game plan. Indoor artificial turf surfaces provide athletes with a safe and performing venue, impervious to the exterior weather conditions.

FieldTurf's indoor systems provide a safe and performing venue, accessible year round, allowing programs to remain competitive. Indoor air quality tests have shown that FieldTurf's indoor systems deliver a safe environment for athletes, as a non‐detect result was obtained for the majority of VOCs.

"Having an indoor field that performs so closely to natural grass is beneficial for our team. We looked at other alternatives but firmly believe that FieldTurf provided the best artificial turf solution for the Seminoles.

Randy Spetman, Athletic Director, Florida State University.

Featured Indoor Projects

University of Florida - Indoor

  • Location: Gainesville, FL
  • Team: Gators
  • Surface: FieldTurf Classic HD
  • Installed in: 2015

University of Houston - Indoor

  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Team: Cougars
  • Surface: FieldTurf XT
  • Installed in: 2017

University of Mississippi - Indoor

  • Location: Oxford, MS
  • Team: Ole Miss Rebels
  • Surface: FieldTurf Classic HD
  • Installed in: 2021
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