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October 15th 2020

How a Logo Is Made: From Start to Finish

Nothing conveys home field advantage like your team’s logo prominently displayed on the actual field.

Whether placed at the 50-yard line, in the end zones or in other high visibility spaces, logos, team names and other imagery distinguish your field from everybody else’s. Not only is visual branding eye-catching, but it also instills pride in players, coaches and fans while none-to-subtly reminding opponents they’re on your turf now.

At FieldTurf, we understand the power of your brand, and we want to help you showcase it. As pioneers in the artificial sports turf industry, we’ve installed more than 20,000 fields worldwide with an emphasis on safety, performance, durability and return on investment.

As part of that commitment to excellence, we strive to help customers maximize their brand by showcasing their logos.

The operation can be broken down into 3 main steps, the journey begins in Montreal, moves onto Calhoun and then finally makes its way to your field.

Step 1 - Logo Design

The process of incorporating logos into FieldTurf surfaces begins at the company’s global headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. Send us your existing logo — or allow our drafting team to help you create a new design — and we’ll trace the image using state-of-the-art computer-aided design and drafting technology. From there, our experts will determine the proper logo dimensions and positioning, and then send those plans to FieldTurf’s surface manufacturing plant in Calhoun, Ga.

We offer a broad range of colors and sizes for logo design, and we can create custom colors to match exact branding.

Step 2 - Logo Production

The 487,000-square-foot Calhoun facility ranks as one of the most advanced turf manufacturing plants in North America, and is among the few to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001-2018 certified for its leadership in quality, environmental and safety management systems.

Once the Calhoun facility receives the design, our logo production team takes control to provide a hands-on approach to assembling the logo. Team members source the materials and schedule the job, and the logo is produced using automated laser technology and a waterjet machine. The tool cuts designed patterns of each color needed for the logo, creating “puzzle” pieces. Each full logo is assembled using glue and then fully coated. A typical logo consists of 90 pieces, although it may vary. Once assembled, the logos are shipped to the job site.

3 - Logo Installation

When the logos arrives on site, our installation crews lay them out on top of the previously assembled field. Each logo is marked, the original green rolls are shaved and sheered as needed, and the logo is glued onto the existing backing in sections. Once all logos have been installed, the entire field is infilled and readied for action.

The logo placement and installation process is a detailed one that requires precision skills, which is why we entrust that job to local crews that are the best in the business. A field’s success depends heavily on a quality installation, and FieldTurf surfaces are renowned for their longevity. The industry’s standard warranty is eight years, but many of our fields have lasted a decade or longer.

A few of our favorite logos and end zones:

Today, logo recognition is more valuable than ever — and not just at the professional and collegiate levels. The visual branding of fields at high schools, municipal facilities and other venues is a true sign of “home field advantage.”

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