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May 1st 2018

How to Get Your Field Ready for Graduation

Planning and hosting a graduation ceremony at your facility can come with its set of challenges. Here is our ultimate guide to planning for graduation:

For all non-athletic events, we recommend to cover your FieldTurf surface as shown in the Maintenance Guidelines, however, we understand it’s not always possible.

Planning your graduation ceremony

FieldTurf Armour: We have developed ideal covering systems that are suitable for all types of events, including Graduation ceremonies, called the FieldTurf Armour systems. We recommend that your surface be covered during all non-athletic events. FieldTurf Armour will protect your turf against damage and keep your visitors safe and comfortable. This will allow you to drive forklifts, install chairs, and place staging equipment on your FieldTurf surface. FieldTurf Armour is easy to install, dismantle and store. All of our systems are interlocking, modular, expandable, and allow for unique configurations and customized layouts. Sections can be installed quickly and are designed for regular and repeated use.

Chairs: Keep in mind that surface conditions on newly installed fields are much different than those on older fields. For that reason, chairs should be used to test the firmness of the field. Post chairs generally will not damage the surface, however, they do tend to sink slightly and therefore could create an uneven environment that proves uncomfortable for people sitting in the audience. When possible, chairs that provide full contact with the surface from front to back or side to side — rather than post chairs with four legs — are recommended.

Please note: If post chairs are used without a field covering, the legs should be equipped with rubber stoppers. That way, the chairs will only create small divot holes in the turf that will disappear when the field is groomed after the event.

Shoes: Though no surface damage will likely occur from high-heeled shoes directly on your turf, graduates and guests should be forewarned that walking on a FieldTurf field in heels can be challenging. We recommend that you suggest attendees wear or bring “flats”. Another option involves covering the aisles with FieldTurf Armour or plywood, then applying conventional carpeting over the top.

Staging: Regardless of whether you cover the seating area of the field, it’s imperative to cover the area under the staging with FieldTurf Armour or other protection — such as 4-by-8-foot sheets of ¾-inch plywood that can be doubled or tripled, as required. The thickness required will depend on the number of pounds per square inch that exceed the allowable 70 psi, as indicated in our Maintenance Guidelines. A tarp or plastic covering should be placed underneath the plywood to avoid splinters migrating into the turf.

Warranty: It should be noted that your FieldTurf warranty covers the components and installation of your FieldTurf product. Though all efforts are made to provide appropriate directives for the staging of events other than the sporting activities set out in the warranty, the responsibility remains on the owner for any mishaps or damages that might occur; however no breach in warranty exists with the staging of such events.

Post-Event Grooming: Finally, a thorough grooming is recommended after the event, and always test the field for safe playability following the removal of chairs, staging and other equipment.

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