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January 12th 2017

Detroit Lions Golden Tate Gets “PhD in Demystifying Complex Athlete Safety Data” in FieldTurf Campaign

Launching today, FieldTurf has partnered with Detroit Lions wide receiver, Golden Tate, for an engaging and interactive public education campaign discussing the science and safety behind FieldTurf’s high performance turf systems.

Tate, 28, is one of the few National Football League athletes to have played his entire career on FieldTurf. His 106 NFL games and 5 thousand receiving yards has earned him a Phd in “Turfology,”

Since graduating High School, Golden Tate has practiced on FieldTurf at Notre Dame, played and practiced on FieldTurf with the Seahawks and now plays and practices on FieldTurf with the Lions.

In the new campaign, Tate helps FieldTurf break down the complex safety data with playful common sense observation. “Trust the science: It’s not that complicated.” The campaign launches today at and on social media with videos, stats and interactive elements.

The message focuses on two important independent studies published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine concluding that FieldTurf is as safe as natural grass and competing synthetic systems. The studies also comprehensively address game related injuries and concussion safety.

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