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03 Februar 2023

The TRACK at new balance: How Tarkett Sports Helped Create a World-Class Venue

Trusted For The Track, Turf And Court, Tarkett Sports' Collaboration With New Balance Solves Flooring Needs For New Venue

Boston is a city that conjures visions of athletic greatness. Whether due to its storied sports franchises or the similarly iconic Boston Marathon, “Beantown” has earned a long-standing reputation for champion-caliber spectacle. For this reason, Tarkett Sports was thrilled to be trusted as an integral part of making the TRACK at new balance – Boston’s latest state-of-the-art sports facility, courtesy of global athletic leader New Balance – a reality.

Located across from New Balance’s global headquarters in Boston Landing, the TRACK at new balance, a 450,000-square-foot multi-level complex designed to support the needs of athletes at every skill level, is equipped with a host of indoor track, turf and court systems from the Tarkett Sports family of brands. By leveraging the collective expertise of FieldTurf, Beynon Sports and Tarkett Indoor, the facility underscores Tarkett Sports capacity as an all-inclusive solutions provider for large-scale projects designed to be multifunctional and multisport.

Located near the practice facilities of the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics, the TRACK at new balance is a resource for some of the world’s top professional athletes and amateur competitors, like the Boston College track and field team, which now calls the venue home. In addition, the TRACK has already been selected as the home of the 2024 D1 NCAA Indoor Championships.

The TRACK also points to a growing sports tourism industry that demands innovative turf, track and court systems that can support recreational activities for local communities as well as elite-level competition. The popularity of these facilities can be seen in venues such as The Podium in Spokane, WA, the Sanford Sports Complex in Sioux Falls, SD, Total Turf Experience in Pitman, NJ, and the Virginia Beach Sports Center. Each has incorporated Tarkett Sports systems, leveraging a product catalog that simplifies installation while delivering the highest quality solutions possible.

The Track at new balance:

  • Beynon Sports Rise-N-Run hydraulic banked system (200m)
  • FieldTurf EasyField Roll retractable turf system
  • Tarkett Indoor EasyCourt portable floor system

The Podium:

  • Beynon Sports Rise-N-Run hydraulic banked system (200m)

Virginia Beach Sports Center:

  • Beynon Sports Rise-N-Run hydraulic banked system (200m)

Sanford Sports Complex:

  • 18 FieldTurf artificial turf fields (soccer, softball, baseball and multi-use)

Total Turf Experience:

  • Tarkett Sports Indoor Omnisports series

For Tarkett Sports, the opportunity to be involved in these projects, which are often created with the added goal of drawing larger regional and national sporting events, has been immensely rewarding.

“The TRACK at new balance is a project that builds on the reputation of Tarkett Sports as a top provider of reliable and easy-to-implement sports surfaces,” said Eric Daliere – President, Tarkett North America & Tarkett Sports. “We’re proud to play a role in building multiuse, multisport facilities that support communities and can accommodate athletes of all skill levels.”

In the case of the TRACK New Balance aimed to provide one of the world’s fastest surfaces by implementing the Beynon Sports 200-meter Rise-N-Run hydraulic banked system, specifically designed to counterbalance the centrifugal force as athletes run along the bend. The Beynon system quickly lived up to its reputation last year as the TRACK was home to a world-record-setting performance in the distance medley relay (10:33:85). It marked the latest success for the Rise-N-Run in a major municipal venue, following previous installations at the Podium and the Virginia Beach Sports Center.

To bolster the venue’s multisport capabilities and year-round functionality, New Balance also had the FieldTurf EasyField Roll turf system installed, allowing the track to quickly and easily convert its track surface into a performance playing field. Pushing this diverse athletic offering to the next level, Tarkett Indoor implemented its EasyCourt portable floor, providing a lightweight and modular foam surface that can accommodate up to six basketball courts.

The all-encompassing set of Tarkett Sports surface solutions allows visitors to the TRACK to participate in everything from basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, cheerleading, field hockey events and more. With its home in a major Boston hub, the facility is part of an emerging trend to make sports a community focal point and invest in a standard of quality that can attract broader regional and national attention.

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