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28 Juni 2022

Take a Virtual Tour of FieldTurf’s Calhoun Manufacturing Plant

Interested to see how artificial turf is manufactured? FieldTurf’s new virtual tour of its 500,000-square-foot plant in Calhoun, Georgia, takes you inside one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the country — making stops at all the critical stations that are involved in producing more than 50 million square feet of synthetic turf per year.

Start the tour: Click Here

FieldTurf’s quarter-century of innovation has established the company as the go-to supplier of synthetic turf for facilities around the world, and it all comes together at the Calhoun plant.

Virtual tour participants can proceed at a self-guided pace, with arrows leading them from station to station throughout the facility. Each stop on the tour features live-action video, audio narration and an accompanying transcript, as well as 360-degree viewing capabilities.

“Our new virtual tour of the facility helps us welcome more guests to our facility and highlight our outstanding team and their unwavering dedication to quality,” said Eric Daliere, President – Tarkett North America & Tarkett Sports.

Every FieldTurf field begins in the fast-paced creel area, where hundreds of racks hold fiber bobbins that become the foundation of each field. A football field, for example, is comprised of approximately 2,500 bobbins.

The second stop is the tufting area, where the fiber is fed into a tufting machine and stitched into the carpet, based on the field’s specifications and pile height. More stops follow, including at the belting area, where the tufted carpet enters the production line; the coating area, where FieldTurf’s proprietary polyurethane application locks the fibers in place; and the accumulator, where the carpet is inspected to ensure the tufted fibers are coated consistently and thoroughly and then placed in a holding area.

Final stops on the tour include the inspection area, the shipping area and logo areas. A tour of the onsite FieldTurf Innovation & Performance Center — where game-changing technologies are launched to fuel innovations in performance, safety, durability, sustainability and quality — also is included in the Calhoun plant virtual tour.

The facility is one of the few in the industry to have their quality management systems certified to ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and health & safety management system certified to ISO 45001-2018. The site employs hundreds of full-time and part-time staff.

The Calhoun plant virtual tour provides FieldTurf customers and prospects a fascinating up close and personal look at how some of the best artificial turf sports fields in the world are created.

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