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04 April 2019

14 Years Later, The Bishop’s School Comes to Same Conclusion: FieldTurf Is Best

The artificial turf market has changed over the past decade, something Brian Williams, Director of Facilities at The Bishop’s School, was fully aware of when looking to replace the school’s existing 14 year old FieldTurf surface.

Despite being happy with their current FieldTurf surface’s performance and longevity, the school opted for a thorough vetting and bid process. The process allowed multiple artificial turf suppliers to present their current systems and explain why they would be the right partner for The Bishop’s School. In the end, the decision was simple: go with the best available turf on the market. And that’s something that hadn’t changed over the years. “Once it got down to the nitty gritty of making a decision, our long history with FieldTurf, having their support over the years and knowing that we’d be getting the best product on the market made it an easy decision” said Brian Williams.

FieldTurf first installed at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, California in 2005, and are set to replace the field over the summer of 2019. The multipurpose field, with a combined softball diamond, will feature FieldTurf’s Vertex Prime system. With the field being located above a parking garage and the need for a full base and drainage system replacement, FieldTurf’s construction experience and expertise was a driving factor in the program’s decision.

“It’s been a really positive relationship. FieldTurf has done a great job of regular maintenance and taking care of everything they promised to take care of” said Williams, “We knew they would be would able to handle a complicated installation like ours.”

FieldTurf Vertex Prime is comprised of specially designed slit-film fibers and high performance ridged monofilament fibers. The slit-film keeps the infill in place, while the monofilament fibers allows the ball to roll similar to how it would on natural grass. Both fibers are tufted together in the same stitch for a superior aesthetic appearance.

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