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27 2020

The FieldTurf Idea Center Connects Customers and Innovation

Learning from the field owners and athletes that call FieldTurf home has long been instilled as one of our core values. With everything we do, we’re focused on the customer experience. By listening to athletes, our founders knew there had to be something better, something that would Change The Game. 25 years later, over 20,000 FieldTurf fields have been installed worldwide.

In a continued effort to nurture customer-driven innovation, we’re excited to launch the FieldTurf Idea Center, a new platform designed to embrace open communication with athletes, coaches, facility managers, parents and everyone else that interacts with a FieldTurf field.

Our focus is to learn from and empower those that use our systems, to contribute to the innovation of our FieldTurf systems. While the FieldTurf Idea Center is new, the concept isn’t. Customers have always played an important part in our innovation journey. Our recently released baseball and softball series, FieldTurf DoublePlay & ThripleThreat, was inspired and created in part with the collaboration of a collection of coaches and players.

  • What’s our goal for the FieldTurf Idea Center? We’re always striving to improve our products and systems, but we truly believe in the value of open innovation and are excited by the possibilities it opens.

  • What type of ideas can be submitted? Anything and everything related to your experience with FieldTurf and artificial turf. What you like, what you dislike, what you wish was better…there is no wrong answer. We hope to obtain an assortment of different perspectives.

  • How can I send in my idea? You can submit your idea here: Link and our FieldTurf Innovation and Performance Center will review each entry.

You're one click away from helping shape the future of FieldTurf innovation. We’re excited to hear from you. Get started here Link