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04 Июль 2018

At The Surface of Oregon State’s Third College World Series Title

With their recent win over Arkansas, the Oregon State Beavers claimed their third College World Series title! With six appearances since 2005 and wins in 2006, 2007 and 2018, Oregon State has anchored itself as a powerhouse in collegiate baseball.

Goss Stadium, the legendary home of the Beavers, showcases FieldTurf DoublePlay, our leading baseball series. FieldTurf was first installed on the infield in 2007 and then in 2015 the grass outfield was fully converted.

Since opting to install FieldTurf, Oregon State University Head Baseball Coach, Pat Casey, has raved about the surface:

After the infield conversion:

“Having FieldTurf on our infield will open up a lot of options for us in terms of when we can practice, how we can practice and how we can schedule games on our home field.”

After the full conversion:

“I believe that playing on our FieldTurf field has helped in terms of getting our guys used to consistent play. It has been a contributor to our success and has helped Oregon State Baseball strive to reach the next level.”

FieldTurf DoublePlay is the only artificial turf system chosen amongst this year’s College World Series qualifiers. Oregon State University, University of Washington, University of Texas and Texas Tech University have put their trust in FieldTurf for their home surface; the four remaining programs all play on natural grass.

Driven to redefine home field advantage, the FieldTurf DoublePlay series is the trusted surface of hundreds of NCAA Baseball programs and local high school teams and municipal parks.

The FieldTurf baseball philosophy is simple: create systems that are tailored to the program’s needs and wants. Our DoublePlay series offers the highest level of fiber quality, of which FieldTurf is renowned for, with the added peace of mind that our system design will match any desired playing characteristics. From fast to more grass-like, FieldTurf can tailor the surface to any programs’ desires.

Why FieldTurf DoublePlay:
• Designed for your program
• Trusted performance and quality
• Equipped with ToughBack, our leading baseball backing innovation
• Optimal and quick drainage
• All-weather system allows programs to start season earlier and end later

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