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05 2019

Interview with Coach Torres - Creighton Soccer Welcomes New FieldTurf CORE

It was a busy offseason at Creighton University this summer, as officials opted to replace the existing field at Morrison Stadium. The Bluejays selected FieldTurf CORE, the world’s first multi-layer dual-polymer fiber and a leading system for soccer. CORE is designed to deliver a more realistic, textured, grass-like shape with optimal durability and resiliency.

FieldTurf has been the trusted choice at Creighton since 2003. On staff since 2006, newly appointed Heach Coach of Creighton’s Men’s Soccer team, Johnny Torres, met with FieldTurf to talk about their new home surface.

Q: How was the new FieldTurf surface received by your team?

Our players are loving the new field. The feedback I am receiving is that the ball reacts to the new surface more like natural grass. Ball checks up, less bouncing, and much easier to manage longer passes on the ground. EX. Through balls to goal.

Q: What’s impressed you the most from the CORE system?

We are enjoying the roll of the ball the most on the new field.

Q: How was the installation process?

Two different crews came in to perform the process of having our field replaced. The first crew was here for about 3-4 days to pull up all the infill and old turf. The second crew was here about 2-3 weeks to put the new field in. They were very methodical and careful in their process. I really enjoyed Mr. Cortez and his crew.

Q: Why did Creighton select FieldTurf over another system?

We decided to go with FieldTurf because we have always had a good relationship with the company and they have always responded in a timely manner when the field needed attention. But the most obvious reason for staying with FieldTurf is because the product is great.

Designed to embody the key characteristics of a pristine natural surface, FieldTurf has developed ideal systems for soccer by ensuring proper ball performance, optimal safety and energy return for players.

FieldTurf is a select member of the FIFA Preferred Producer Program, having met the high quality standards required to deliver elite-level pitches worldwide.

Along with Creighton, FieldTurf is the home surface of Atlanta United, New England Revolution, Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers and hundreds of elite soccer programs globally.

To learn more about about FieldTurf's soccer system, click here.

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