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15 novembre 2021

Tarkett Sports & FieldTurf Add Expanded Polypropylene Shock Pad to Collection to Simplify the Sports Field Purchasing Experience

In a continued effort to offer customers an extensive portfolio of products, Tarkett Sports & FieldTurf are proud to announce the addition of ShockBase Pro to their collection. Available exclusively through Tarkett Sports, ShockBase Pro is an expanded polypropylene shock pad that delivers leading performance and drainage capabilities.

“ShockBase Pro was born from a desire to offer an improved solution for our customers. Offering a full-service approach is a core value at Tarkett Sports. We share our customer’s relentless desire for improved quality and are obsessed with offering them more, and better. We recognized that now was the right time to introduce an expanded polypropylene option, to help offer a simplified purchasing experience with greater value.” Said Eric Daliere – President, Tarkett North America & Tarkett Sports.

Now equipped with an exclusive and reimagined expanded polypropylene option, FieldTurf can design and offer a complete system for customers, unlike others that are limited to offering a single component. From start to finish, every aspect of the field design is controlled by FieldTurf’s expert team. By eliminating potential finger-pointing between vendors and offering a single-supplier warranty for the shock pad and the artificial turf system, the approach offers unmatched value.

ShockBase Pro was developed by the company’s Innovation & Performance Center in collaboration with leading engineers and reputable fabricators. The goal was to develop a system that addressed major customer frustrations. Like with all company innovations, Tarkett Sports learnt from existing customers to help reinvent traditional designs and offers a system that would break the mold.

The new ShockBase Pro system features:

  • High-Quality Material Manufacturing: Made with U.S. sourced raw materials, ShockBase Pro showcases leading product design and quality. Expanded polypropylene materials have been trusted for over 20 years.

  • Industry Leading Performance: ShockBase Pro performs with the best. Independent testing has shown the system to deliver leading GMAX & HIC scores, shock absorption, vertical deformation, and optimal results in a multitude of critical system tests.

  • Complete System Design: As FieldTurf can offer all the components of the field, it can design a truly optimal system where all parts work together. There is no one size fits all approach with FieldTurf.

  • Faster Drainage Flow Rate: ShockBase Pro drains nearly twice as fast as competitive systems. With wide drainage holes and specially designed sloped drainage tunnels, water flows quickly through to the underside of the pad. Once under the pad, the water is met with a unique design to allow for rapid dispersion.

Having already completed several successful ShockBase Pro installations and with over 25 years of experience building sports fields, Tarkett Sports and FieldTurf are confident that their new expanded polypropylene shock pad system will make a big impact.

With Tarkett Sports, you’re dealing with one company and one solution.